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The most colourful town in Italy?

Nearly 3 years ago, when writing my book on film photography, I happened to land in Naples for one of the bookings in Amalfi. Right after that, I had a couple of days off, so instead of mixing with millions of tourists in Minori or Sorrento, I decided to explore the region and see what else I could find there. This was almost the same time when the cartoon "Luca" was released. I was so in love with the vibrant colours of the movie, that I decided to search for the "most colourful town in Italy" in Google. I actually found a good selection of the most colourful towns, one of which was near Naples. The only challenge was to get there - it is a tiny island between Naples and Ischia with almost an hour of travel by the ferry. Getting there for a glimpse was not possible at all, so I had to book a one night stay in this small town, just to get the view of the beautiful colours and, if I am that lucky, get some shots for my book.

If you have already travelled with ferries from Naples, you would understand the shock I had to experience while getting there. I almost missed my ferry only because the correct pier was around 500 meters away from where I was expecting it. Luckily I got on the boat on time and on the very same evening I was enjoying the sunset view of the amazing Procida. If you ever happen to go there for similar views, keep in mind that this is a golden hour time of the day (7pm or so), and this view is only available from Panoramica sulla Corricella. I will share with you some photos of the town too, I am in love with it and I hope you will be too.

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