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  • Andrej Spilevoj

Ischia - the treasure of Naples

I have heard several times, that you can either love Naples or hate it. Well, I am in the second batch. I came to Naples after shooting an amazing wedding in Amalfi, Positano and Maiori. My camera was full of those dreamy "Instagram like" images that you can see on the travel pages and groups, and here, out of sudden I enter the city, that is full of military cars, soldiers with the guns, homeless sleeping on the streets, dark abandoned houses, cheap street art, rubbish everywhere... I really hated it. But I was not sad, Naples was never a goal of my trip. My destination was to the one of the most beautiful Italian islands - Procida. And it worked: I visit this dreamy, truly Italian island that you can reach by ferry in 30 minutes or so, took a lot of amazing pictures for my book, and went back home. However, on that trip I also learned that Procida is not the only island in that area, the next one is much bigger and is even more beloved by Italians themselves - Ischia. One year later I packed my cameras and bags, took my wife and my two amazing kids and headed to that mystery destination, trying to avoid Naples as much as I can. We rented a room with the huge balcony with the view of the castle and enjoyed every single day spent in Ischia. It was quite strange for us, but we visited most of the destinations by local bus, which was quite often overcrowded, and yet a lot of fun to ride. At some stage we even were lucky to hear an Italian man singing opera for the whole bus, that was really fun. In comparison to other destinations, Ischia is rather a resort for Italians. We hardly met there many foreigners, even though there were some of the older age. The island is very beautiful, and you can easily spend there 3-4 days without even feeling tired of it. The bust system is very comfortable, and you can purchase a day ticket which applies to all routes. There are many boat tours, some castles, and quite interesting locations that you would not even imagine that could exist (e.x. a stone mushroom, believed to be made by water waves). I doubt I would come back to this location, but this is not because there is something wrong with it, oh no, definitely not. But because there are some many locations we haven't visited yet. But if you do appreciate Naples area, if you like the boat rides, Italian chit-chat at the beach, a lot of vintage Italian views - Ischia is one of the best preserved locations that I have ever visited so far. P.S. Do not get there with your car. In the 6 days that we spent there, we haven't met a single car that wouldn't be heavily scratched, so if you really like your car, keep it in Naples (even though, I am not sure about this city either). And for now, I hope you will enjoy the shots that I brought back home on my phone:

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