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The Charms of Cinque Terre

"This book represents one of the most known Italian regions - Cinque Terre, shot on digital and 35mm film. All images are taken in September 2021, just before the hit of another Covid-19 pandemic wave. I hope you will enjoy the way I observed the beautiful brotherhood of 5 towns and will feel encouraged by the images that I managed to capture on my trip.

God bless, Andrej Spilevoj"

Number of pages: 45

Number of photos: 30

Format: PDF, vertical A4

Language: English

Size: 112.7MB

Price: free


Analogue photography in the XXI century: art, style or a lifestyle

(Juostinė fotografija XXI amžiuje: menas, stilius ir gyvenimo būdas)

Number of pages: 138

Number of photos: 94

Format: PDF and EPUB, vertical A4

Language: Lithuanian (LT)

Review in English on Analog.Cafe

Size: ~150MB

Price: free