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Armenia: the first time visitor stories


"This book is not an attempt to tell you everything about amazing Armenia, its people, culture or what we have visited and what we have seen. This book is a collection of the images that made me feel WOW... Here you will also find my short stories, and they are not about the country, culture or people. They are just those awkward situations, when two completely different cultures meet - me, being surprised, shocked or simply excited, and locals - who may or may not be happy about us - crazy Europeans wandering around with a camera in one hand and with the map in the other. Hope you will enjoy!"

Number of pages: 79

Format: PDF and EPUB, vertical A4

Language: English

Size: 18MB

Price: free

The Charms of Chinque Terre.webp

The Charms of Cinque Terre

"This book represents one of the most known Italian regions - Cinque Terre, shot on digital and 35mm film. All images are taken in September 2021, just before the hit of another Covid-19 pandemic wave. I hope you will enjoy the way I observed the beautiful brotherhood of 5 towns and will feel encouraged by the images that I managed to capture on my trip.

God bless, Andrej Spilevoj"

Number of pages: 45

Number of photos: 30

Format: PDF, vertical A4

Language: English

Size: 112.7MB

Price: free


Analogue photography in the XXI century: art, style or a lifestyle

(Juostinė fotografija XXI amžiuje: menas, stilius ir gyvenimo būdas)

Number of pages: 138

Number of photos: 94

Format: PDF and EPUB, vertical A4

Language: Lithuanian (LT)

Review in English on Analog.Cafe

Size: ~150MB

Price: free

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