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  • Andrej Spilevoj

iPhone 13 pro: Venice shot in raw

To be honest, I am not a big fan of phone pictures. This is most likely because I work as a professional photographer, and quality for me is one of the most important things in my art. But the better phone cameras become, the more trust I place in them. This means that I am no longer using my professional cameras for daily family pictures or short trips abroad. In 2020, I was fully devoted to 35 mm film, all my daily images were taken on film, and in the end, I wrote a book on analog photography, that included a lot of images from my trips to different amazing locations in Italy. However, the film became too expensive, and as an alternative, the phones reached a pretty decent level of quality, so I could give it a go. After very deep research, lots of YouTube videos, and reviews I decided to go for iPhone 13 pro (for the last 7-8 years I was devoted to Blackberry phones and never cared about the quality of the phone camera). The first trip that I had right after getting "armed" with a decent phone camera was to Venice. I decided to shoot RAW while constantly switching between Portrait and Photo modes, also used Pano mode from to time. All images were later edited in Lightroom, I used presets that would mostly imitate the film stocks, such as Kodak and Fuji. Have a look and enjoy!

P.S. I think the availability of super wide, wide, and portrait lenses in one device makes life much easier.

Please comment and feel free to ask questions below the gallery of iPhone 13 pro shots:

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