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Medium format review: Fuji 400h

Fuji 400
Fuji 400h Medium format review

My name is Andrew and I am a fine art destination wedding photographer in Italy (Lake Como, Amalfi). I am glad to share with you the best memories of Fuji 400h medium format film on this page. Would I say it is my favourite - no, do I feel comfortable with it - probably yes. I know many users compare it to Portra 400. As a colorist and film photographer I would disagree since for me they are two different films. Even though both have a very good chance to survive +4 exposure I find the color palette of both films to be different. Also pushing Portra is way more fun than pushing Fuji but the most annoying factor for me - the Fuji tint that I do not like at all. As a Canon user I am rather fond of warm colors that you can also find in Portra. Fuji (all type of Fuji film) to me has some annoying tint that I always battle in Lightroom in post. Then there is a question - what's the point to use it at all?

Well, true, to keep film as close to film try using as less LR and PS :)

In any case Fuji 400h was my entrance to film photography, it was my first pro film that I have ever used and I am glad that in the last 2 years I have built such a collection of Fuji 400h shots that I can now share with you. Enjoy and I hope you will like Fuji 400h more than I do :)

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