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  • Andrej Spilevoj

Fuji 400h still rules? Oh, yes! (medium format film review... again)

In 2019, I posted an article about Fuji 400h film, which you can find here. And since then I did not really use this film again. Partly because of Covid limitations, partly because it became quite rare and expensive. But this year I was surprised to find this film in the city, so I decided to give it another try on one of my fine art styled photoshoots in a very old studio. I used a totally new to me camera Mamiya RB67, which has a lens with quite a narrow aperture of F/3.8. That meant that I had to get as much as light as possible to get a decent shot. As usual, I was overexposing the film by one stop to get those pastel look colors. This time it turned out to be way better than what I was able to produce in the past - partly because of the professionality of the model, partly because of the vintage location. I did not want to mix the images with the previous post, since many things have changed since then, so I am writing this post to present Fuji 400h look again... this time I am really happy with the film look and as I mention in my vlog, these analog images are the 100% winner in the battle of cameras that I arranged during that photoshoot. I hope you will enjoy them too!

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