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35mm film review: Lomography Redscale XR 50-200

My name is Andrew, and I am a fine art destination wedding photographer in Italy (Lake Como, Amalfi). On the weddings and styled photo sessions, I also shoot 35 mm film. This article is going to be about 35 mm film - Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 that I have picked up for my upcoming book on film photography.

As some of my followers know, I am writing a book on film photography in Lithuanian language. This is partly Government supported project, so I had a luxury to try different film stocks for free and experiment with film in many interesting ways. Before travelling to Manarola, which is an amazing town at the Mediterranean Sea (Italy), I decided to get some different types of film, the ones that I never used before. Among those was Lomography Redscale XR50-200. When I inserted that film into my camera, I tried to search for the ISO settings that this film is rated at, and I failed. That was quite new to me, so I googled it and found out that you can shoot this film at different ISO, from 50 to 200. OK, that was exactly what I was looking for - something strange, new and interesting. Since it was sunny and warm in Italy, I had no issues with ISO 50, but just for an experiment I decided to shoot the film with the whole variety of settings. So I started at ISO 50 and every 7-8 shots I would change my ISO by 1 stop. I ended the film at ISO 200. After receiving the scans, I was quite surprised with the result. I don't think I noticed much of a difference in colors when changing ISO though. On the other hand, the images were quite interesting, so I decided to share my results with you. I will split images in batches by ISO. Maybe you will find some correlation between different ISO and changes in the shots. Good luck and enjoy:

ISO 50

ISO 100

ISO 160

ISO 200

Lomography Redscale XR50-200

Shop: online /local store

Price: €6.90

Camera: Canon 300v

Lens: Canon EF 50mm F/1.8 and 135mm F/2

Location: Cinque Terre, Italy

Dev + Scan: €7 (Lithuania)

Total test price: €13.90 or €0.38 per frame.


Working with new film is always a challenge, especially when you don't know much about it. The worst here is that you don't know what to expect from this film. I guess if I had to shoot this film again, I would overexpose it slightly, to me some shots are too dark, I am more an optimist, so I prefer bright images over the dark and moody. Not sure what this film can be used for except for fun. At least I had good fun with it!

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