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Noticed and shared: our Book is on Analog.Cafe

As I mentioned it in my recent posts, in 2021 I was working on my book about analogue photography, which was officially published on the 1st of December 2021. It is a free PDF book in Lithuanian language, which is an educational tool for everyone willing to shoot 35 mm or medium format film. It was written in Lithuanian language, because I received a Lithuanian Government grant and the point was not only to write a free book, but also take pictures of Lithuanians, who devote their lives to different NGOs and other activity, helping those in need. The book includes a lot of beautiful pictures of Naples, Pisa, Procida, Cinque Terre, Milano and Rome.

Recently I was contacted by Dmitri from one of the most known analog photography websites (www.Analog.Cafe), who decided to go through the Google Translator pain and read my book with the help of online translator. Well, he did a great job and finished reading the book, and I am so glad he wrote such a warm review on his own page, where you can read about it in more details yourself:

"This book is his guide for anyone looking to step up their photography game from something like a mobile device. I’ve read Andrej’s book using Google Translate by pasting paragraphs into the app one at a time. A cumbersome experience though I still found it worth the effort. His illustrations are beautiful, and the visual comparison of the over-exposure latitudes is fascinating. Andrej’s book starts off with the story of his passion for film photography. He talks about why it may be a good choice to try — financially and creatively. However, most of the read is practical, starting with the basics of making manual exposures, extending into lens/film/camera choices, topped off with two experiments: a blind comparison of film labs and film vs. digital dynamic range side-by-side charts...."

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