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Medium format review: Fujifilm Pro 160NS

My name is Andrew and I am a fine art destination wedding photographer in Italy (Lake Como, Amalfi). I shoot film and digital and this post is going to be about the most popular film among fine art photographers - Fujifilm Pro. To be more precise - Fujifilm 160NS. This photo shoot was arranged quite unexpectedly and I had to decide quite quickly which film should I take with me. Fuji is always a go-go film that you can trust and rely on. However this was my first time with 160NS so I was not sure about anything. On the other hand since that was not a commercial photo session I decided to step over that fence of fear and try this film for this blog. When I received the results from PhotoLAB I was not surprised - it turned out great as always. This is why professional photographers always use the film that they can trust most of all (Kodak Portra, Fuji Pro, Ilford etc). So here are the results and on the bottom you will find some more information about the technical part of the session and my personal opinion about it. Enjoy!

Fujifilm Pro 160NS

Shop: Online

Price: €6.50

Camera: Mamiya AFD 645

Lens: Mamiya Sekor 150mm F/3.5

Location: Uzupis (Vilnius)

Dev & Scan: PhotoLAB(Vilnius)

Total price of this review: €11 or €0.69 per shot


To shoot this film I decided to use only 150mm lens. It is quite tricky because this lens is F3.5 which is already dark. In addition to that the film is only 160 ISO, and on my camera I set it to 80 ISO. So basically my working conditions were such: ISO 80, F3.5, AV mode. I did not check the speed but I remember it was always at or above 60. This is why I was slightly worrying about the results but as it turned out the film was exposed very well and each shot was simply amazing. Comparing the same photo session with the EKTAR I am still not sure which one I like the most...


The filme looks like the most popular Fujicolor 400h. I think it has the same dynamic range since I was overexposing a lot, sometimes even up to +1.5 stops but the images do not show any overexposed defect and look amazing. Fujicolor is the best as always, even though I am still rather on the Kodak Portra side :)

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