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35mm film review: Lomography Color 800

If you know how lovely it is to work with Kodak Portra 800 - then you will get a very similar feeling when working with Lomography Color 800, only on the cheaper side of things. Actually, if I could only afford I would definitely take all my family shots on this film. Currently, my most beloved color film for all occasions is Lomography 400 and Lomography 100 - both are pretty cheap and both are nice looking colorwise and grainwise. So 800 is just a pinnacle of both - it has a similar color pallet, similar grain amount and yet - its ISO 800 is just a blessing in the dark environment that you may often have inside the house or any other building. Unfortunately, all Lomography stock is super limited now, so if you happen to see this film anywhere in the shop - grab it, it won't last long. I don't use this film in a professional photoshoot so all the shots that I provide here are from my family archive. They are lovely enough for this blog, you will be able to see the colors and the grain. I usually overexpose this film by 1 stop if I am outside or close to the light source. If I use it in a darker environment - I stick to ISO 800. But in most cases, I just set my camera to ISO 400 and keep it that way throughout the whole roll. I hope you will enjoy the shots and please don't forget to support my blog (details on the bottom) with a penny or two:

Lomography Color 800

Camera: Canon

Lens: EF 50mm F1.8, EF 28-70mm mk2 F2.8, EF 135mm F2.0

Location: Vilnius, Panevezys (LITHUANIA)


The only challenge nowadays is to find this film on sale anywhere in the world. In Europe, we experience a shortage of this film and I doubt it will be any better later. I have read somewhere that Kodak is closing down its film factories in the near future and I also have heard that Lomography is a Kodak produced film. Maybe there is a link between all those marketing facts? In any case - if you see this film still in stock, get it as soon as you can.

Personal opinion:

That's, in my opinion, one of the best budget films that I know. I love everything about this particular film and I really regret it has left the European market. I really wish Kodak would keep producing at least one of the Lomography Color films, but this is not in my power to change the world. However, if I find this film in stock again - I will definitely buy it to support the Kodak sales (if it is really a Kodak brand) so they would keep it alive for another couple of years.

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