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Medium format: Fuji 400h + 2 push

Hi, my name is Andrew and I am a fine art wedding and fashion photographer. However, my life is filled with tens of other projects and shooting film is just one of them. Once upon a time, I decided to try pushing film and since then I never regret doing that. I know, at first, it may sound like something dangerous and scary, but in fact, it is not. Especially if you allow a professional lab to push it for you. So I pushed almost all available films in my country and I should say pushing Fuji 400h looked quite OK to try to me when I decided to do that for the first time in my life. It was a big concert with a well-known singer and the whole orchestra on the stage - what can be the best to try some new technics? Surely, I am sarcastic here - if you are hired for a concert - never play such games. However, I was not hired and I was allowed to do whatever I wanted. I pushed and overexposed 3 different types of film (here) and one B&W (here), all of which you will be able to find in my blog. And generally, I have quite a good post related to shooting a concert on film right HERE. So Fuji 400h (medium format) was just one of my test rolls. After receiving my shots I was quite surprised how "nothing special" my Fuji 400h shots were after pushing the roll by 2 stops. Not even close to Kodak Portra 400 (35mm or medium format). Honestly, I did not like it all - it was expensive and not impressive colorwise. And yet, please have a look at them yourself and then check Kodak Portra pushed result here (35mm just for comparison) and here (medium format, +1 push). And yes, I made some shots black and white because the color of all shots looked boring and "nothing special" to me. Portra gives more interesting grain, more colors, saturation, captures skin tones in a much better way - but that's my personal opinion. Please decide which one you actually prefer. Here are the Fuji 400h results pushed by 2 stops

P.S. camera was set to ISO 1600, the lab was asked to apply +2 push process during the development.

Fuji 400h medium format pushed to 1600 (pushed +2)

Camera: Mamiya AFD 645

Lens: Mamiya Sekor 150mm F/3.5

Location: concert (Panevezys, Lithuania)

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