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Challenge: Shoot like film v. Shoot film

As many of you know we often shoot film as well as digital. We use medium format professional Kodak Portra 400/800 and Fuji 400h film in the weddings where we can guide the couples for better poses, angles and shots. Yet many people ask us - why film? Can I ask you then why would you use pen instead of keyboard or listen to vinyl instead of MP3? This is something very similar and yet - something completely different. But film does have some secret power, be it the magic of the film itself or vintage lens effect that many try to replicate with various plugins. Well, this is not easy, but I am sure everyone can try. I am to challenge you....

To be honest this is not really to challenge you but to give you an opportunity to learn how to edit "like film". I am giving away our fine art photo session raw files together with the references of Kodak Portra 800 film for your personal education so please feel free to download the dng files and use this page to refer to the real Portra looks developed and scanned by MeinFilmLab (Germany).

Canon raw footage v. Kodak Portra 800

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1 Comment

Jul 03, 2020

First of all, beautiful images and real film looks wonderful. Second, I am surprised that no one has commented here before. I have tried hard and so far haven't found any similar post in internet where You could compare a digital raw with some real film.

I did take the challenge You offered, as I already have with Capture One done many styles that at least partly take their look from different films. I did make a Kodak Portra 800 look a like style where I could benefit from Your examples. My styles aren't total matches with any film but more of an interpretation of a look of certain films. My attempt of a Kodak looking style is on my…

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