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Welcome to my Life... 


My name is Andrej, and I am a destination photographer from... Well, this is the first problem, as I am not really sure where I am from: in 1982, I was born in Russia, and three years later, we moved to Lithuania, where I spent 20 years of my life. Then I moved to Germany, followed by the UK, and by the age of 25, I ended up in Ireland in Co. Mayo. Here, I spent 10 years and then moved back to Lithuania, where I am raising two beautiful kids—a boy of 6 and a girl of 12. My wife and I work from home, allowing us to invest our time in various projects, including travel, vlogs, blogs, photography, video, and other artistic activities. Since 2017, I have been working in Italy in the Lake Como and Amalfi areas, and I travel to many other destinations too.

If you would like to ask me about my education, well, here is the second problem, as even at my age of 40, I am not sure which diploma I should be most proud of: I have a college degree in translations (English & German), a bachelor's degree in English philology, and a master's degree in International Human Rights. I speak and write in Lithuanian, English, Russian, and German. I can also understand Ukrainian and Polish, and currently, I am studying the Italian language.

And the last question that you may expect to be covered in a CV of an ordinary person: what is my qualification? I am sure this part is not easier, so I will try to make a list that may help to make it simple:

1998-2000 - built a radio station in school and started broadcasting on a daily basis;

2002-2005 - filmed several short movies and music clips;

2006-2009 - worked at CRC FM radio (Ireland), hosted the program for the international community;

2009 - established my video studio, which filmed music videos, promos, and short films (with multiple awards);

2009-2015 - was a songwriter, rap singer, and music producer in the band "Emigrants";

2015-2016 - produced and filmed the comedy series "All is good!" ("Viskas ore!");

2017 - established photo services as Happy Ever After Photography in Italy and Lithuania;

2018 - started a blog on film photography;

2020 - produced the theatrical stand-up "Home...."

2021 - published a book on film photography, "Analogue Photography: style, art, or a lifestyle?"


Besides all that, since 2007 I have been working for an International company in US that provides Search Quality Control services for Google. I also work at Kaunas College as a lecturer of a promotional videography.  I also run a blog on the ethics of journalism.

As a visual content creator, I use two main stages for my work: YouTube (over 2 million views, 1500 followers) and TikTok (14,000 followers, 244K likes). My photo work lands on my website, where I also host my blog and vlogs on photography.

Even though my current workflow is based on private bookings, my primary focus is travel photography and videography, with the possibility to use my skills as an author and a vlogger (in English or Lithuanian languages).

My style: make it simple, fun, and educational.

My work: make something new and unique; don't follow the mainstream!

The destinations I have visited so far: Armenia, Bulgaria, Denmark, England, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland.

My goal: India, Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Cuba, Tajikistan, Tibet, and other Asian countries.

My motto: travel and explore.

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