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35mm film review: Fujicolor C200

My name is Andrew and I am a fine art destination wedding photographer in Italy (Lake Como, Amalfi). In the weddings I work mainly digital and medium format but in my spare time I like testing various films and share my results with other people. So here we go... the 35mm film review: Fujicolor C200

Once upon a time I was in the queue in one lab waiting for my scans and I noticed that the lab had quite a lot of customers with Fujicolor C200 film (they literally had bags with those films). So I was curious why. I googled sample images but they were mostly from street photography and very few with portraits which is what I am interested in. This is how I decided to go ahead and test one C200 film myself. I bought it and kept in the freezer until that day when I traveled to Ireland where I had several photo shoots with my customers. This is when I decided to test this film in Doolough Valley with my wife's sister Ausra. So I asked her and she agreed to take part in my project as a model. We left early in the morning to catch some sunrise but by the time we were there the sun was already high. Well Fujicolor is 200 ISO so sun is only benefit for this film. I also decided to give it a bit more light so my camera was set to ISO 160. One more thing to mention is that I used the local Photolab for dev&scan. They are simply excellent - what I love them for is that they know what scanners should do (not only scan but also listen to the customer) and also for their fast delivery. If I did not need to ship the film to their lab I would have it done in 2 days!!! Imagine how important is that for the film photographer? Anyway, enjoy the shots and see more information on the bottom.

Fujicolor C200 35mm

Shop: local store

Price: €5

Camera: Olympus OM-2n

Lens: Olympus Zuiko 50mm F1.8

Location: Ireland

Dev + Scan: Photolab (Lithuania)

Total test price: €10 or €0.42 per frame.


The main challenge for me was to find good poses in such open area. There are no trees, no buildings, only couple of bushes and mountains with a lake between them. I had to use as much creativity as I could. It was also quite windy on that day so I can say -it was pretty cold and staying outside for long time was not appreciated. We had several stops on the road through the valley searching for better places to pose. Keep in mind that the road is in mountains so even stopping was not very easy as there are only few places suitable for that.

Personal opinion:

I think this is an amateur film for either beginners or someone who does not really care about the fine quality of the images that much. I should say the film lacks its character and the colors are just "ok". It is very sensitive film and too much or too little light will simply destroy your shots. I am glad I had at least 15 shots that were OK, but I did not find anything extra interesting about this film. Agfa Vista, Kodak Ultramax and even Lomography film would be a way better choice for a film with its own character.

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